Vinno E-35 Echo
Vinno E35 Mid-level Echo machine
Innovative RF platform (the first in the world) :-
The revolutionary RF platform, The First in the World, removes the limitation on hardware pre-processing and demodulation of traditional ultrasound platform. This allows all radio frequency signals for computing and processing, which is approximately dozens of times of data size than current traditional ultrasound is using, with the advantage of retaining more information and getting more accurate RF raw data for post processing It results in much better image quality in resolution and contrast . With advanced features and ergonomic design, VINNO E35 supports your daily imaging with more comfortable and professional experience.

Deliver Excellence in Style:-
Advance and special design by the Italian Nicola Butti (chief
design officer of Butti stile ) which is a winner for design in
Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research
Equipment Design Category, 2012 – 2013 from A’DESIGN AWARD &

»»23 inches LED high resolution rotating monitor.
»»10 inches multifunction touch screen user friendly and amazing simple workflow.
»» Height Adjustment for more comfortable.
»»Modern design, slim and compact.
»»3 active probe ports + one non active probe port.

Fast connectivity:-
»»Bluetooth to transfer data.
»»WiFi transmission for easy printing and local connection.
»»1000GB internal storage for patient database.
»»Email transmission.
»» 3 USB output.
»» DVD writer (Not built-in).
»» DICOM system.

Amazing Simple Workflow:-
With tablet-like touch interface, you can navigate to system functions quickly with less distance movement and fewer steps to complete an exam.
VINNO E35 is very flexible to customize the workflow by your finger.

Advance Probe Technology:-
Pure Wave Probe Technology delivers better penetration to difficult persons. Xcen Probe Technology represents good performance on superficial tissue imaging.

Wide range of probes available:
»»Phased array probe (Echo Probe) 3.2-5 Mhz.
»»Phased array probe for neonate (Echo Probe) 5-10 MHz.

Standard Application:-
»»B-mode\Tissue harmonic mode.
»»Color Doppler\power Doppler (Directional).
»»Pulse wave & PRF (with auto-trace).
»»Continuous wave (with auto trace).
»»M mode.
»»Tissue Doppler.
»»TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging).
»»MAM mode (multi angle motion mode).
»»CM (colors motion mode).
»»V speckle I, V speckle II (speckle reduction).
»»Triplex (2D\Color Doppler\PW).
»»T view (trapezoid view) = Maximum angle.
»»Full screen.
»»Auto-optimization for (image quality, Color Doppler, Pulse wave setting.
»»B mode and Color Doppler simultaneously.
»»Patient database.
»»Network storage and printing (Thermal printer, A4 printer).
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