Mobile X-ray Unit 100 mA

Mobile X-ray Unit ( 100 mA )

Mobile x-ray unit is suitable for ward, operating room, accident field and mobile Clinique etc. in common Radiography.

• Detail Description

X-ray generator, Beam Limiter, control part, cross arm, pole, foundation etc.


Convenient removable, orientation exactly, simple operation and safe, reliable in use, adopting bridge rectification X-ray generator, which makes Radiography more clearly.

• Main Technical Parameter:

• Power supply:
voltage AC 220V±22V
frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz
• Capacity ≥8KVA;
• Resistance ≤1Ω

• Radiography:

• Voltage: 50-90kV
• Current: 15、30、60、100mA;
• Time: 0.08s-6.3s, select according to R10’ coefficient
• Max output power: (80kV, 100mA, 0.1S) 5.92KVA.
• Standard power: (90kV, 60mA, 0.1S) 4.00KVA.
• Input power: 5.92KVA.

• Performance:

• Distance between the focus of x-ray generator to the ground UP and DOWN: 810-1790mm

• x-ray generator transverse refractivity: 255mm

• x-ray generator LEFT and RIGHT: ±50º

• x-ray generator move around level axis: ±180º

• x-ray generator move around vertical axis: ±90º

Dimension: 1442(Length)×690(Width)×1986(Height)(mm);


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