X-ray Machine 300 mA

X-ray Machine (Hospital Type)
(300 mA) Medical Diagnostic X-ray Machine

• Single bed with single tube.
• Rotary anode X-ray tube unit and tangential annular tubes.
• Single-phase full-wave rectification high-voltage generator.
• Power voltage (V), photograph kilovolt (kV), infinitely variable control and electric mechanism.
• Be equipped with the manostat for the filament of X-ray tube and space charge complemented.
• Photographic volume, KV, mA and S, subsection, grading and interlock protection.
• Adopt the digital circuit timer. Grading according to R10 priority coefficient, which is exact in time control.
• High-voltage primary uses the zero controlled circuit of silicon-controlled rectifier of large power.
• Photographic bed can move in length and breadth.
• The photographic bed, pillar and vibrating ray-filter are in a whole without top and bottom track.

Technical data:
• Demand of power supply: 380V/220V±10%
• Voltage frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz
• Internal resistance: 380V:0.75Ω, 220V:0.25Ω
• Power supply: Adjustable range 380V±10%at380V; 220V±10%at220V being adjustable continuously
• Radiographic Voltage: 50-125kV being adjustable continuously
• Current Small focus: 50mA,100mA
• Big focus: 100,200,300mA
• Time: 0.05-6.3s, 20grades together grading according to R10coefficient
• High-voltage generator Capacity: 30kVA (instantaneous)
• Max DC output voltage: 125kV
• Max DC output current: 300mA
• X-ray tube Model: XD51-20.40/125
• Focus Small focus: 1×1mm,
• Big focus: 2×2mm
• Radiographic table Table face (L×W×H): 2060mm×730mm×700mm
• Moving range of table face: 800mm×230mm
• Ray-filter: Travel in length: 690mm
• Grid density: N28
• Convergence distance of 1000mm
• Grid ratio R8
• Pillar of X-ray tube unit: moving in length along radiographic table 1100mm
• Distance to ground as moving up and down (along upright post) 1140mm~1800mm
• Rotary around the center of cross arm: ±180º
• Rotary around the shaft line of
• X-ray annular tubes

• -10º~60º~+120º0
• Max size of cassette for radiography 356mm×432mm (14″×17″)
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