Holter 12-Ch

With the EC-12H Holter recorder you can make 1, 2, 3 or 12 channel recordings depending on the recorder and patient cable type being used. The Cardio spy analysis software provides ECG records of excellent quality. The effective automatic evaluation and editing functions provide evaluations with nearly 100% precision in the shortest possible time.

Technical features
• Recording duration: 24, 48, hours
• PC connection: Bluetooth, USB
• Sampling rate: 128, 256, 512, 1024 Hz
• Recording rate: 128, 256, 512, 1024 Hz
• ADC resolution: 16 bit
• Dynamic range: +/- 20 mV
• Power supply: 1 X 1.2 V AAA
• Size: 67,5 X 53 X 18,5 mm
• Weight: 50 g
• Full-disclosure ambulatory ECG records
• 1 or 2 independent channels
• Compact size, lightweight, graphic LCD display
• Wireless (Bluetooth) communication with PC
• Pacemaker channel and analysis
• Patient event button
• Integrated 3D accelerometer
• Effective noise, muscle and baseline filters
• Quick and effective automatic analysis
• Color coded graphs and tables
• HR and ST trends
• calculates ST, QT, AF, HRV, HRT, uVTWA
• Various editing and printing functions
• Network and web-based usage possible

Holter Software features
Fast record analysis
Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
Precise QRS classification and rhythm analysis
QRS template classification
Arrhythmia analysis, arrhythmia overview
Color coded graphs
ST level and slope analysis
QT analysis
Heart Rate Variability analysis (Time and frequency domain(
Heart Rate Turbulence analysis
Atrial Fibrillation analysis
Microvolt T alternans
Pacemaker analysis
BP record analysis using multiple computed parameters and graphs
Various Holter reports
Local, network operation
Export, import functions
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