Stress ECG

Details :

The EC-12R, a small and lightweight product, can be operated in 3/6/12 channel modes connected to a PC. It enables fast and high-quality ECG recording with the aid of effective baseline, noise and muscle filters. The device gives an alarm signal in case of loosened electrodes or noise. The formulation of the diagnosis is aided not only by mean ECG values and parameter tables provided, but also by the automatic expert interpretation system. It uses regular sheets of paper instead of thermal paper, providing lasting printed records as well as making printing more cost-effective. The software includes a user-friendly archiving system.

• Technical features
• ECG channels: 12 simultaneous
• Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
• A/D resolution: 16 bit
• Frequency response: 0.05-150 Hz
• PC connection: Wireless Bluetooth
• Power supply: 2 X 1,2 V rechargeable batteries
• Size: 125 X 68 X 32 mm
• Weight: 140 g
• Small size, compact built
• Simultaneous recording with 3/6/12 channels
• Custom view options on the PC monitor
• Built-in expert system to give precise diagnosis
• Enclose doctor’s diagnosis
• Alarm to detect electrode falling off
• Digital data storage
• Cost-effective printing and maintenance
• Simple patient database management
• High quality ECG recording, printing, storing, transferring options
• Compatible with hospital information systems
• Long-term recording (up to several hours)

Stress Test Software features:

• Simple, user friendly software with multiple functions
• Precise QRS classification
• Built-in expert system
• Short and long resting ECG record
• Color-coded ST level, slope and ST loop graphs
• MET - VO2 computation
• HR, load, MET graphs
• Various printable reports
• Customizable alarm and stop criteria
• Ergometer and Treadmill database
• Comparing measurements
• Local and network operation
• Export and import functions


The EC-12LT Treadmill is the perfect loading device for Stress Test Systems as it is a reliable and durable machine. It can be controlled by many PC-based ECGs once it is connected to a PC. It can be used for stress test examinations and rehabilitation purposes as well. Low step-up height, safety stop-belt, side handrails, quiet operation and smooth acceleration all add to the high usability of this device.

• Technical specification
• Highly reliable and durable
• Almost maintenance free
• Quiet operation
• Smooth acceleration
• Low step-up height
• Side handrails
• Safety stop-belt
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