Vinno E-10 Ultrasound
- RF technology (the first technology in the world) now In Iraq
Which offer 100% data transfer form probe to Image without any loss

- Applications: • Abdomen • Obstetric • Gynecology • Urology • Vascular • TCD • Small Parts • Pediatrics

VINNO El0 Slim, Compact Design
• 19 inch professional LED monitor gives you more clear view
• 10 inch smart touch panel enables the operation more convenience
• pinless and flat probe connection make you more comfortable (two ports) can add a trolley with extra two or three ports
• 500G HDD (big enough for volume data storage)
• B/W video printer slot

VINNO El0 Powerful Function:
• Triplex
• Auto Optimization
• Easy Compare
• Full Screen
• V fusion (to Increase the angle numbers of emission)
• V speckle I (Reduction of the artifact)
• Core technology , this technology guide the ultrasound signals forward (Reduce un-guidance ultrasound signals which will not be useful).

Vinno E10 standard and optional specifications:
• Color Doppler
• Power Doppler (directional Doppler)
• Pulse wave (auto-trace)
• 3D/4D Module
• M mode
• B mode, Tissue Harmonic .
• High PRF pulsed wave Doppler
• T view for trapezoidal view
• Zoom.
• 4 USB
• 8 TGC
• PView for panoramic imaging*(optional)
• Needle Enhancement*(optional)
• Tomographic display (MCUT) *(optional)
• Auto IMT function* (optional)
• Auto NT* (Optional)
• Inversion Mode* (Optional)
• Magic Cut* (Optional)
• Smart touch panel 3D/4D operation* (Optional)
• Free view* (Optional)

Transducer types

• Convex array:
Field of view: 59 degree, Convex radius: 59.5mm, Application: abdomen, OB/Gyn, urology, pediatric, Frequency range: 2 -5.5MHz

• Micro-convex array:
Field of view: 138 degree degree, Convex radius: 12mm, Application: pediatric, abdomen, cardiac , Frequency range: 3 - 10MHz

• Linear array:
Fine pitch, high resolution, Applications: vascular, small parts,
Two types of Frequency range: 4.5 -16MHz, 4.5 -18MHz

• Endocavity probe:
Field of view: 146 degree, Convex radius: 10mm, Application: Ob/Gyn, urology, Frequency range: 3 - 10MHz

• 3D,4D probe :
Field of view: 78 degree , Convex radius: 40mm, Application: abdomen, OB/Gyn, urology, Frequency range: 1.9 - 7MHz.
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