Semen Analysis system
Instrument characteristics
- Can filter out various impurity whose forms are different from sperm to make sure the accuracy.
- No damage examination to make sure the sperm's natural motions and take sample of single layer.
- One-touch operation, full automatic analysis, simple and quick to operate.
- Advanced morphological analysis algorithms, au­tomatically exam aberration rate, offer clear color trajectory figure.
- Flexible parameter setting function, allow user to add test items, can define the track color freely, set and print form board freely.
- Support user level 3 permission Settings, video
Test items:
- Sperm density, living rate of sperm, sperm movement, sperm movement pattern.
- The speed of average curve/linear movement, amount of curve/linear movement sperm, amount of curve/linear movement living sperm.
- Living rate of curve/linear movement sperm.
- The speed of average path, the amount of average path sperm, the amount of average movement living sperm, living rate of average movement sperm.
- Classification of sperm movement: PR is living rate of prior-to movement sperm, NP is living rate of non prior-to movement perm , IM is rate of extremely slow or motionless
- VLH, WOB, BCF, LIN, total number of sperm.
- Linear velocity, the average speed of sperm movement, amount of linear movement sperm.
- User can add test item independently.
- Independent morphology analysis software, fast and automatic analysis of morphological parameters: amount of defective sperm, sperm with head, middle and tail defects, wrapped slurry droplets: perm, deformed sperm index TZI, sperm deformity index SDI.

Technical specification:
Maximum number of sperm being tested :> 1000
Test speed range: C um/s) 0-260
Image collection (frame) : >25
Collection and analysis time: 1-5 seconds
Group count of image collection: no limit
Numbers of cases can be saved: > 100000
Applicable microscope objective lens magnification:
1 0 X , 20 X , 40 X , 100 X
Sperm examination system display content should be no less than ( 1) Sperm static distribution (2) Semen characteristics data and various main performance analysis statistical data (3) Sperm dynamic trajectory chart (4) Display various movement speed and dynamic classification figure of sperm (5) Medical record manage­ment information. Such as patient's name (6) Sperm morphology parameter data
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