Microplate (Elisa) Reader PPC-246
- Pc controlled system. Windows XP.
8- channel optical fiber system enables 5 sacs' reading for 96 wells plate.
- Calculation modes include ABS, Cut-Off, Curve, Linear, Log, Exponent, Power and 4PL Regression.
- Up to 12 different tests can be performed in a single plate.
- Powerful laboratory management software to store more than 100 programs, 100.000 results.
- Powerful QC programs including West guard rules and Instant method, automatic alarm.
- Multiform test reports output.
- Lamp saving and plate shaking feature.
- Save data automatically when power off unexpectedly.
- Compatible with all external printers supported in Windows.
- Powerful internet connection enables remote data sharing and OS update.
- Standard English or Multi-language software available on request.
- Methodologies ) End Point, Two Point, Kinetic(
- Calculation Method
ABS, Cut-Off, Single Standard, Curve, Multi-Percent, Percent Logarithm, Linear Regression, Logarithm Regression, Exponent Regression, Power Regression, 4PL Regression
- Reading Speed
5 seconds for 96 well plate(single wavelength)
- Type of Microplate : Standard with 96 microwells or other kind of microplate and strip
- Wavelengths
405, 450, 492, 630nm, 4 more filters optional
- Light Source Halogen lamp,8V/20W
- Shaking Plate: Shaking time and speed adjustable
- Operation: PC operation, bidirectional communications
- Memory: More than 100 programs, up to 100,000 test results
- Printer: All printers compatible with Windows
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