Electrosurgical unit 400W


• Automatic control output, guarantee surgery quality
• When turn on the Generator, it can check the system by itself
• Five kind of working model: Pure cutting, blend, Concreting, Bipolar
Memory function with 10 memory places for different setting: easy and fast set up
• This ESU can give alarm when the patient plate do not connect properly
• The 1000KHZ radio-frequency, reduces the organization to damage
• There are three kinds of sound to show the 4 different working modes as the following: Error Warning; Cutting & Coagulation; Bipolar
• Provides the high efficiency smoke absorber, protects the medical care personnel
• Classification: Class I, Type BF
• Quality Management:ISO13485
• Line Voltage:220V/110V 50/60Hz
• Power consumption: 360VA (max.)


Gynecologic-LEEP, the five sense organs and neurosurgery, ENT, and cosmetology
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